Modular volumetric construction (MMC) technologies

The success, appeal and advantages of volumetric modular construction manufacturing lies in the repeatability of affordable units and design at an early stage of the project. Volumetric bespoke modular construction and or light gauge steel modular units are large building elements that can be linked together to form complete buildings without the need for additional superstructure ranging from 3 floors to 30 floors with offsite modular structural design by a qualified engineer being the key. Modules can be steel, timber, SIP panel based and can be pre-fitted with electrics, plumbing, heating, doors, windows and internal finishes and commissioned prior to leaving the factory ensuring that defects are minimised and quality control is very high – they are then transported to site and carefully craned into position on already prepared foundations.

By assembling modular hybrid or volumetric housing modules in a precision-controlled factory environment the production line techniques that drive module assembly will bring speed of delivery, quality of the end product and a positive improvement in productivity. The external façade including claddings and roof treatments are usually installed onsite. These can include steel frame units and panelised systems such as SIPS and CLT with panels assembled in the factory and delivered to site ready for installation. This helps to facilitate quicker construction and will help to overcome labour or material shortages at peak times as well as driving up the product quality and or build volumes.

Whilst offsite modular construction selection can be significantly influenced by logistical dimensions and shipping distances between the manufacturing facility and the construction site modules can easily be transported to virtually any site conditions with the right logistic planning. Modular volumetric units are suitable for any building sector including residential apartments, education, healthcare and student accommodation sectors. Applications can also include commercial offices, hotels and NHS hospital & care facilities.

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