Here’s how many affordable rented homes the UK needs to build every week, according to a think tank.

End the housing minister merry-go-round, say sector leaders.
Housing Associations in the UK require 138,000 more plots of land.

Here’s how many affordable rented homes the UK needs to build every week, according to a think tank.

Almost 600 homes that can be affordably rented must be built every week to keep up with growing demand.That’s the equivalent of a town the size of Leeds each year, according to new analysis from a think tank.Just 100 would be built each week under current government proposals, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) found.Read moreSadiq Khan ramps up affordable housing starts in race to meet yearly target

Its analysis identifies that 78,000 homes must be built every year, a figure which the government had fallen short of since 2011. That’s left a shortfall of 500 each week, and by the end of Parliament, that would total a 355,000 shortfall.

“The Prime Minister has recognised that the housing market is broken and it’s welcome that the government wants to get the country building the homes we desperately need,” said JRF chief executive Campbell Robb.

“But this must include homes that people on low incomes can afford. The government’s existing plans risk falling far short of the numbers of affordable homes required to ease the strain on families facing eye-watering private rents.”Last week, London Mayor Sadiq Khan ramped up the number of affordable housing starts in a race to meet a yearly target of 12,500.Meanwhile, a consultation has been launched by the government to improve the system for owners and renters to complain about builders and landlords.

Read moreThese are the UK’s 20 least affordable cities to buy a house“For too long, tenants and homeowners have navigated multiple complaints procedures to resolve disputes about everyday household repairs and maintenance,” said housing secretary Sajid Javid.

“Fixing this housing crisis is about more than just building homes, it’s ensuring people have the answers available when something goes wrong. Today’s top-to- bottom review shows government is working hard to deliver a better and simpler system.”

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