Modern Methods of Construction Consultancy

Unicomresources provides consultancy services for Digital marketing, Media Marketing, ADA compliance (The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) and offsite modular housing systems in the UK to developers and self-builders who may require DEVELOPMENT FINANCE or would like to build out their developments using offsite modular construction house build systems. Unicomresources will engage early with your architect, planning consultant and a suitable offsite modular construction housing system manufacturer that could be a hybrid or volumetric modular construction system dependant on which part of the country your site is located in and based on the finished house resale values for your area.

Unicomresources have already engaged with a number of affordable offsite modular construction housing system manufacturers and keep adding more to our database so we will always find the best offsite modular house system for your needs saving you valuable time and money in the process. By using Unicomresources offsite modular construction consultancy services we will take away all your headaches before you start the construction element of your project.

It is important to understand early what is required when using an offsite modular house build system, all sites that have outline planning would need to have a scheme drafted up in conjunction with an offsite modular housing manufacturer to ensure valuable cost savings on the build and on logistics prior to submitting full planning and building regulation drawings. If you as a developer are wishing to submit full planning for your offsite modular house development you would need to know the footprint and modular housing construction system that would work for you prior to submitting planning, failure to do so may result in extra build costs and wasted time that could cost tens of thousands of pounds more to your project which would become wasted profits. Using unicomresources offsite modular construction consulting UK services will ensure that you as our client will save the maximum amount of money possible and ensure more profits for you and your project.


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